Our Beautiful Fig Trees


Update - 3pm on 21st February, 2019

Wider Exclusion Zone This Weekend

Thank you to all our showground users for maintaining our exclusion zone

for the past 4 weeks.    

We have consulted with our team of arborists in relation to this weekend's weather associated with Tropical Cyclone Oma.  We needed to establish if there is any increased risk posed by the strong winds and high rainfall, as forecast.

We have been advised to increase the size of the exclusion zone - as the anticipated conditions significantly heightens the likelihood of the tree failing, and the unpredictability of how and where debris may come to rest.

We have taken that advice, and closed a large area in the Fig Tree Grove precinct.  

We advise the community to stay well clear of the area

and to stay outside the area marked with hazard tape.

Our user groups (including the Mullum Farmers Markets) have been consulted.  They will issue their own announcements in relation to events scheduled for this weekend.

Be aware that this extension to the exclusion area will remain closed until we reassess the risks.  Things may then return to the pre-cyclone format.  Please continue to respect the marking tape either way.

The tree is scheduled to be removed in the first week of March (weather permitting).  Until that time, we are monitoring the situation closely, and thank you all for your cooperation.

Showground Manager

21st February, 2019


It is with enormous sadness that we announce that another of our precious fig trees has succumbed to the ravages of 'Brown Root Rot'.  

Many Farmers Market goers will recall another of the figs failing back in 2017, falling onto the market precinct during trade.  Thankfully, the area had been evacuated following a tip off from a young boy.

A new area in and around the 'Fig Tree Grove' has now been deemed a 'Temporary Exclusion Zone'.  People must stay out of this area for their own safety.

The Showground Land Manager has undertaken treatment of the trees with the help of Consulting Arborist, Peter Grey (an expert on Brown Root Rot).  In spite of everyone's best efforts, the current prognosis is that this second tree will need to be removed before it falls down.

We will update this page as more information becomes available - for now our focus is on keeping our community safe and preventing the spread of this disease to other trees in the Grove.

Your understanding and interest is much appreciated.

Showground Manager

23rd January, 2019