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Our Beautiful Fig Trees


The Fig Tree grove at the Showgrounds is much loved by the community. The Showground Land Manager obtain regular assessment of the trees by qualified professional arborists following some of the trees succumbing to the ravages of 'Brown Root Rot'.  Two of the trees have had to be removed following this diagnosis, and another has been identified as being diseased and will need to be removed in the next 12 months.

Many Farmers Market goers will recall one of the figs failing back in 2017, falling onto the market precinct during trade.  Thankfully, the area had been evacuated following a tip off from a young boy.

The Showground Land Manager has undertaken treatment of the trees with the help of Consulting Arborist, Peter Grey (an expert on Brown Root Rot). 

We thank the community for their great interest and care of our beautiful trees.

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